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Procaine hydrochloride is a local anesthetic that can temporarily block the conduction of nerve fibers and has an anesthetic effect. It has strong effects, low toxicity, and non-addictiveness. However, it has weak penetration into skin and mucous membranes and is not suitable for surface treatment. Anesthesia is mainly used clinically for infiltration, spinal and conduction anesthesia.

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Tetracaine Hydrochloride cas 136-47-0

Benzocaine hydrochloride cas 23239-88-5

Procaine hydrochloride, CAS 51-05-8, is used widely in dental and medical applications.

CAS 51-05-8 is used by healthcare professionals as a local anesthetic during medical procedures such as biopsies and surgical procedures.

Dental Procedures: CAS 51-05-8 is used by dentists to provide local anesthesia for dental treatments such as dental fillings, root canal therapy and dental fillings.

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